Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Information regarding federal laws prohibiting discrimination in the workplace and regarding procedures for filing an administrative complaint for employment discrimination.

Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
Information regarding the commission that oversees teacher licensure matters including requirements and disciplinary matters.

Oregon Employment Department
Information regarding unemployment insurance benefits and a link for applying for unemployment benefits online.

Oregon Employee Relations Board
Employment Relations Board information including recent Board decisions and recommended orders by ERB Administrative Judges.

Oregon State Legislature
Contact information for Oregon legislators and search capability to view pending bills and the current edition of the Oregon Revised Statutes.

Oregon Administrative Rules
Oregon Administrative Rules organized alphabetically by agency name and numerically by chapter number.

Oregon Jury Project
Information regarding jury service and the critical role that juries play in our civil justice system.

Oregon Judicial Department
Information regarding the Oregon court system and jury service.

Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
Official website of the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association


U.S. Department of Labor
Information regarding federal wage and hour laws, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and safety issues in the workplace.

Merit Systems Protection Board
Information for federal employees regarding the pursuit of an appeal of an adverse employment action by a federal agency.

National Labor Relations Board
The homepage for the National Labor Relations Board, which includes links to recent decisions, advice manuals and other policy information.

U.S District Court for the District of Oregon
Official website for Oregon’s federal district court including information regarding cases pending in the district court.

National Employment Lawyers Association
Information regarding employment issues arising nationwide and search capabilities if you need an employment lawyer in another state.