Professional Licensing

Our lawyers are experts at counseling Oregon professionals through licensing agency investigations and representing them at administrative disciplinary hearings. If you are contacted by a professional licensing agency, your initial reaction may not be to seek legal advice. The agency investigator may appear to be helpful, and you may feel that you do not need independent assistance. But professional licensing agency investigations are governed by a complex web of case law, statutes, regulations, and unwritten agency practices, and agency investigators are not obligated to look out for your personal interests. Your professional license is often the key to your career, and a license suspension or revocation can seriously affect your current employment and your career overall, especially because licensing board sanctions are often posted on agency websites and reported to national databases.

We can guide you through the initial interview and fact investigation, help you negotiate a settlement with the licensing agency, or represent you in an administrative hearing or appeal. Our attorneys can also strategically advise you about the interplay between a licensing agency investigation and potential disciplinary consequences in your current employment. You likely invested significant time and money to become a licensed professional, and you gain tremendous satisfaction from your chosen work. Effective legal representation during a licensing agency investigation can help you protect your professional reputation and your current employment.

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